Handcrafted Steel and Wood Designs

Our Story

Josh and Sinikka Marten created a living legacy through Stal Timber. This family business is built on artistic vision, superb craftsmanship, hard labor, and loving service. 

Josh has always enjoyed a passion for designing. Long before Josh met Sinikka, he used every spare minute to dream up and then build something new to meet a need, such as creative accessories for his home or car. 

During their first year of marriage, they couldn’t find the style of furniture and fixtures they wanted for their new home. Instead of settling for traditional options, Josh went to work, designing and building steel-and-wood furniture and fixtures. Once completed, while enjoying the beauty and comfort of their picture-perfect space, Josh and Sinikka looked at each other and the dream of Stal Timber was born: Start a high-end custom furniture company so that others, too, can enjoy beautiful and functional furnishings at work and home.   

Their dream remained just a dream until 2012 when a job layoff prompted Josh and Sinikka to make that dream a reality. Stal Timber started small in their garage, where Josh set up shop while Sinikka continued working fulltime in the aviation industry. 

Eight years later, Stal Timber is a successful family business in every sense. They work out of offices housed at an 8,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, leading a dedicated and talented team that feels like family. As soon as their three children were old enough, they joined in, whether by sanding wood, putting cabinets together, or helping with clean-up.

The success of Stal Timber has enabled Josh and Sinikka to answer their personal calling to give back to those in need. Stal Timber donated custom tables to several local organizations, including Kyle’s Place, Rainbow Days, and Dwell with Dignity. Recently, the Stal Timber team has partnered with Urban Forestry and the greater Flower Mound community and several other local woodworkers to take recycled wood and build pieces to donate to the community. 

Josh, Sinikka and their three children, Torumm, Odin and Maren, reside in Flower Mound, Texas. They attend Faith Lutheran Flower Mound and volunteer with Feeding Children Everywhere and Pathways Family Services.