Our Process

We say what we mean and do what we say. Our trusted process is proven to deliver extraordinary pieces that are creative, functional and delivered on time and budget.

1. Vision Share

Maybe you have an open space to fill with something functional or a seemingly impossible architectural problem to solve or you designed something (that your client fell in love with) and now you need it built. We have done it all! We start with a consultation, giving you the opportunity to share your vision. We can also work directly with your clients to help with brainstorming and best understanding what they want in functionality and design.

2. Vision Interpretation

Our experienced, gifted and passionate team begins to understand your vision and bring it to life. Through CAD drawings and mockups, we provide options to best make your vision a lasting reality you’ll simply love.

We charge a fee, disclosed prior to the meetings, for the vision share + interpretation consultations. This fee includes materials research, concept drawings and travel. Fee is due at the time of the meeting and is non-refundable. If a custom project is agreed upon, the fee can then be applied toward the total project.

3. Collaboration & Alignment

We work hand-in-hand with you (and your team and client, when preferred) to tweak, rework and determine our final plan before we begin. It is imperative that the work is as functional as it is beautiful. Beyond design, we will agree upon timeline, materials and budget. We want to be sure everyone is clear and thrilled with the path forward.

4. Progress Reports

We invite client interaction during a project and will host tours of our workshop and show materials and progress throughout the build. Many times, we will build approvals throughout the project to be sure our team and the client remain completely aligned.

5. The Big Reveal

*A note to our designer friends (and soon-to-be designer friends), rest assured that your clients are your own and should your client approach the Stål Timber team directly, we will inform you. We aren’t fans of trying to cut anyone out of the process.