It took us less than a week to determine that Josh was not unemployed when he got laid off in September of 2012. Don’t get me wrong, it was a very strange and scary reality to be facing. We had just moved back to Texas, and everything was supposed to be easier and more secure. But only 9 months after our move, we got the news that he was being laid off.

After my immediate panic, I started going down the list of things we needed to consider:

What became apparent very quickly was:

Once I absorbed all of that, I went to him and said, “What about going to work for yourself?” We had talked about it for years. He had been building and designing furniture for at least 15 years at that time. Didn’t this seem like a good time to take the chance?

He had already received several job offers from other companies that were competitors with the company that had to lay him off. But after discussion about those options we knew this was our time, this was the message we had been waiting for to push us forward.

The next week, he had an ad on craigslist and started building tables out of our garage. We haven’t looked back, and Josh is not unemployed.

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