Highland Park neighborhood in Dallas, TX

Project Scope

This homeowner wanted to add a focal point and storage in the form of shelving to the living / entry area of their very modern two-story home. The area featured a ceiling cut-out that opened the area up to the second floor walkway and balcony.


The ceiling opening was generally not noticeable, as there was no vertical element to draw attention. The insulated steel wall construction of the house, offset by structural laminated wood beams, prohibited the use of fasteners to the wall to attach any structures. The customers wish was that a tall shelving installation would line the wall and add contrast and focus to the opening, while blending with the modern nature of the house to provide functional, safe storage for their vast collection of books.

The Solution

Stål Timber designed a free-standing shelving installation that reaches over 15 feet high, floating off the steel wall and attached with hidden brackets to the laminated wood beams and the concrete floor. The verticals are from structural grade steel and the shelving from African Mahogany. Each shelf hides LED lighting running the length of the shelf and the lighting system is wirelessly controllable in 4 zones, from top to bottom.

A Stål Timber designed custom rolling library ladder that is 14 foot tall allows for safe access to even the tallest shelves, and stores flat against the shelving installation when not in use.

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