Process Details

We talk with you to find out what it is you want a new piece to do — what the function will be, and what ideas you have on design and expectations. This can include either ideas about alterations of existing Standard Configurations or a whole new build. We ask a lot of questions and try to understand what you are looking for, at least in functionality if not actual physical design. We also will discuss budget expectations and set a scale for the build of a project and if any design retainer is required to proceed due to the scope of the project.

We will take the findings from our initial conversation and come up with one or more concepts to share with you. These often take the form of rendered CAD drawings to scale. We discuss what you like and would like to alter and move to a revision at this point if necessary.

With a mutual understanding and agreement of the design of your project, we can move to a cost quote and proposal for completion. The proposal often includes variants we may have discussed together, as well as optional items. Examples of this might be: Cost comparisons of different table sizes, comparing cost of steel or wood tops, and options for casters; leveling feet or custom foot platforms.

Upon your acceptance of the design and costs in the proposal, you’ll return the signed proposal as an order agreement and pay 50% of the projected cost in deposit to put the custom job on our build schedule which is outlined to you.

Stål Timber is open to design and component changes during a build project — after all, it should be perfect for you. We proceed with the mutual understanding that any costs associated with changing design or materials of a project will be applied to the proposal and invoice and will be due with the final payment. Final payment is due in full at the time of shipment or delivery.


Stål Timber requests a 50% deposit via cash, verified company check, or PayPal to order, with balance due at time of shipping or delivery. Credit / Debit card purchases can be made as a PayPal Guest.