Commercial Production Work Tables

Strong.    Simple.    Functional.   Modular.

Introduction To Stål Timber Tables

Stål Timber Production tables were conceived from our experience and conversations with customers in commercial and industrial environments.  We think your tables should be able to last the life of your shop and look good doing it.

  • We Produce our  tables to order due to the number of variables and options associated in producing the perfect table for you.
  • Our tables are produced in the DFW area of Texas.
  • Many of our configurations are available for nation-wide shipping.
  • Material for Tops and Shelving (sheet wood and otherwise) are not typically included with the tables that are shipped, as we believe that these materials can be more cost effectively sourced locally by the purchaser.  Direction of what materials are needed, guidance for cutting, instructions for installation, and hardware required are typically included with the tables.

Choice of Functionality and Design

Stål Timber commercial production table designs are a product of the understanding that the work table is the center of many production environments, touching all products that go out the door.

Choose a standard table design or collaborate with us to design the perfect custom table for your needs and space.



Custom Commercial Tables

Red Stal Timber Production Table in Large Format Print Shop
Red Stal Timber Production Table in Large Format Print Shop